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A Grave Discovery!

On my August 8th stroll, I turned right down South Street, then left onto South Park Street (not to be confused with the South Park Street TV show!  lol). It was hot and humid, and I was really hoping for a bit of a breeze to cool me...but alas, it was not meant to be, so I walked on.  I heard from some people that it's not normally really humid in Halifax, so I just chalked it up to the unusually hot summer we were experiencing.  Nevertheless, despite the humidity, I never realized how much excitement my morning walk would bring me. As I turned onto South Park Street, on my right I noticed a cemetery.  Now, I normally don't make it a habit to wander through cemeteries (sudden thoughts of creepy, scary movies come to mind), but the sign on the entry fence invited me to check it out, so in I went.  The entry was via a driveway, which wound its way up to a church (which was under renovations) on the upper right of the hilly property.  Cemeteries in Halifax are huge!