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A Grave Discovery!

On my August 8th stroll, I turned right down South Street, then left onto South Park Street (not to be confused with the South Park Street TV show!  lol). It was hot and humid, and I was really hoping for a bit of a breeze to cool me...but alas, it was not meant to be, so I walked on.  I heard from some people that it's not normally really humid in Halifax, so I just chalked it up to the unusually hot summer we were experiencing.  Nevertheless, despite the humidity, I never realized how much excitement my morning walk would bring me. As I turned onto South Park Street, on my right I noticed a cemetery.  Now, I normally don't make it a habit to wander through cemeteries (sudden thoughts of creepy, scary movies come to mind), but the sign on the entry fence invited me to check it out, so in I went.  The entry was via a driveway, which wound its way up to a church (which was under renovations) on the upper right of the hilly property.  Cemeteries in Halifax are huge!  

A New Beginning

With every beginning comes new discoveries.  That's how I thought of our move to Nova Scotia.  It's a scary thought packing up, purging your household and saying goodbye to friends and family.  A tough decision, to say the least! True...a lot of my family live in Cape Breton and I was born there, but I didn't grow up there.  My dad was in the military, so we moved when I was quite young, and I ended up spending some great years in Lahr, Germany.  But that's a story for another day... When we discussed moving here, one of the things we wanted to do was travel and explore the province.  I had come to Halifax in May of 2019 for a conference and happened to come across the boardwalk in the downtown area. I found that walk really relaxing, exciting, and beautiful...and so, that's where we went for our first weekend stroll... The boardwalk starts off at Pier 20 (or Pavillion 20 as the sign says) which is next to the cruise ship terminal.  Inside the building is the

Why 20-Minutes?

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my first Blog! You might ask, "20-minute Stroller?  What's with that?"  Let me give you a bit of background, since this is the first post and you'll need some context of why I decided on the name. In July 2019, my husband, Jack, and I, moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We lived in Victoria, British Columbia for almost 30 years, but felt that for economics, the time had come for us to move to my home province.  I was born in Nova Scotia...most of my family still lives here, so it made sense to move back to the province where I was born.  But...I actually never lived here! I was born here, but my dad was in the military, and we moved away when I was very little. That's a story for another day! I was offered a job here, which I really like, but I also enjoy being outside.  When I worked in Victoria, I would go for a stroll with a co-worker every morning for our "chill pill" - it gave us our much-needed breathe of fresh air,