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Lunenburg Legacy

Our travels one August Saturday led us to the beautiful seaside town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Reknown for the Bluenose Schooner (as seen on the backside of the Canadian dime), Lunenburg is a picturesque town of approximately 2,300 residents. It has quite an interesting history.  The Acadians settled into the area between 1630 and 1689.  Logging and agriculture were prominent trades.  About a century later, the British established the area for protestants, from select areas of Europe, and granted "land lotteries" for them upon their arrival in 1753.  By the 19th century, seagoing trade started becoming more prominent. In 1921, a fishing and racing schooner was built and launched by a company called the Smith & Rhuland Shipyard.  It was called the Bluenose .  It won every international fishing series race over a 17-year span and created for itself quite a reputation.  The Heritage dedication to the Bluenose During WW2, Lunenburg contributed heavily