A European Stroll - Zurich, Switzerland - Day 1

*These are posts that I placed on my Facebook feed during our European trip.  Some are lengthier than others, but overall will give you a good sense of our trip.* 

Zurich: Day 1

Had a smooth flight and landed early into Zurich. Met our cruise director Marcelo, who is awesome! Since we had time to wait before our room is ready, we decided to go to the one place where it would make me super happy…yep, you guessed it…the home of the Lindt Chocolate Factory!!
Pictures just don’t do it justice! It’s an incredible place.

After a few hours of heavenly delights, we returned back to the hotel with a full bag of chocolates to take home, and ready for a much-needed nap before the Welcome Reception that evening.

The main entrance of the Lindt factory.

Tickets to the tour. You walk through in your own and have the option of a hand-held device to listen to various facts.

Omg! This was an incredible sight to see! The smell of chocolate engulfed us as we entered the building...and yes, that's REAL chocolate!

Composition of chocolate. Look at that dark chocolate one. Wow!

I was in heaven…you could take a spoon and pull the handle to sample melted chocolate…yummy!


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